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Because of the legacy media, Americans are the world’s most uninformed people, manipulated by lies, silenced by taboos.
Tucker Carlson

COL Douglas Macgregor, USA Ret. Geopolitical blog
How the woke mob drags us toward WWIII. Why?

Scott Ritter Talks to Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev
Former lead inspector for UNSCOM’s Concealment divison

Benny Johnson
The Trump indictment

Mike Davis Article 3 Project
Defending constitutional law and justice


Victor Davis Hanson Interview with Tucker Carlson
Joe, all your objectives were failures

We have been told since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine that it is not a proxy war between the United States and Russia. We’ve been told that there are no U.S. forces deployed in the war zone, and we have been told that Ukraine is winning. That is the narrative that has been pushed by the media and our government on repeat for more than a year. But the leaked documents completely shatter that narrative. — Huey Laugesen

Huey Laugesen Daily Letter co-founder
Everything About the War in Ukraine is a Lie 4/14/2023

Jordan Peterson and Senator Mike Lee on Ukraine War
Blindly inching towards the nuclear bandsaw

Hunter Biden laptop and cell phone photos hijacked!
Laptop: 7032 / iPhone: 1832 photos America’s incredible shame

Margot Cleveland senior legal correspondent The Federalist
8 Ways Government Shielded Joe Biden From The ‘Laptop From Hell’

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano Judging Freedom
Deep Dive Ukraine

UK Telegraph
Ukraine: The Latest

Michael Shellenberger The Censorship-Industrial Complex
Testimony to Congress 3/9/2023

Jack Posobiec Human Events Daily
Journalism from a Naval Intelligence perspective

Rebekah Koffler Russian intelligence Putin’s Playbook
America sleepwalks into WWIII

Darren Beattie Revolver News Beck Interview
Tip-of-the-spear independent and honest journalism

Chris Hedges Chris Hedges Report
How the War Machine took over the Democrats

Mike Adams Natural News Crypto collapse
7500 Americans killed / disabled by vax each day

Bulletin: Atomic Scientists It is 100 90 seconds to midnight
Weapons makers, warmongers know Americans don’t care

Peter Schiff Epoch Times interview
Expert financial market analysis

Representative Jim Jordan Chair, House Judiciary
A new sheriff arrives Doing what we said for a change

Peter Schweizer China’s puppet in the White House
Political crime families and corruption Archive

Matthew Tymand Independent journalist
Brazilian turmoil

Stephen K. Bannon Warroom Pandemic
The fight to save America’s future

The Twitter Files index
Tom Swift hands real journalists a $44B smoking gun

Garrett Ziegler Biden Laptop Report
A world of grifters selling out America

Miranda Devine New York Post Archive
A laptop from Hell and the atrophication of the New York Times

John Solomon Just the News
Excavating the Swamp

Natalie Winters
The most insightful young political investigator of our time

Dan Bongino
Political analysis from a former Secret Service agent

Mark Levin
Outraged and testy constitutional scholar

Steve Cortes
Deep political and economic insight

Michael Savage
Borders, language and culture

Robert Zimmerman Behind the Black
Deep insights into the Space Race

John Spencer Military deep dive on Ukraine
The Mini-Manual for the Urban Defender

Perter Zeihan Geopolitical forecaster
China : Archive : newsletter

Randall Carlson Landscapes of catastrophe
Overturning conventional archaeology 1 2 3 4 5

Peter Zelinka Catastrophe and Cartgraphy
The Carolina Bays : Cataracts

H.I. Sutton Covert Shores
Seabed warfare and submarines

John Batchelor
News and history by a master interviewer

Arctic News
Climate doom soon

Ben Davidson Space Weather News
The evil sun as overlord and destroyer

Earthquakes US Geolical Survey
Realtime global earthquake monitoring

Air Now EPA World Air Quality IQ Air
Realtime air quality monitoring

Jeff Masters Yale Climate Connections
Hurricanes and climate change

Peter McCullough, MD Courageous Discourse
Pure Bloods Threatened by Shedding of mRNA 1

Dr. Naomi Wolf
Uncovering and prosecuting history’s greatest crime

Filmmakers Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer
Died Suddenly Depopulation is in play

Edward Dowd : Massive Federal Reserve fraud
The coming global financial collapse Vax warning

Steve Kirsch
Pandemic investigations from the inventor of the optical mouse

All the coolest resto-mods and old cars for sale

Global graphical weather forecast

Library Thing
Catalog your books

Wayback Machine
Find who said what when

Professor Mattias Desmet
Mass formation psychosis

Professor Sam Vaknin
Malignant self-love

Andrew M. Lobaczewski
Political Ponerology – the evilist evil

Peter Navarro
The 2020 election revealed in detail

Benjamin Harnwell
Incisive reporting from Europe

James Webb telescope NASA
The latest images from humanity’s greatest eye

Anti-War Randolph Bourne Institute
Anti-war news and opinion

Committe on the Present Danger: China
Revealing Chinese communist asymmetric warfare

Raheem Kassam National Pulse
Geopolitical commentary Archive

Tom Fitton Judicial Watch
No one is above the law

Daniel Swain Weather West Blog
Extreme weather and climate in California

United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency
Updates Ukraine

Wayne Allyn Root Root for America
Libertarian charge to protect the American Dream

Dave Brat Dean of Liberty University
Solid economic ethics and basic monetary policy

A plague chronicle

Active volcanoes: Popocatépetl Kilauea Fuego
Volcano Discovery : video archive